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inCreWave is an iOS developer for iPad, iPhone and iPod.

All below apps are now available on the Apple AppStore.

Jawzle – World Jigsaw Puzzle

Jawzle is a World Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad featuring 15 countries of total 120 150 beautiful puzzles. And with photo puzzle mode, you can play unlimited number of puzzle from your iPad’s photo albums.

3 difficulty mode : 20 pieces, 48 pieces & 108 pieces suit for kids to adults.

Jawzle also support multiplayer mode, so you can play with your friend in different device / iPad. … read more

Free edition also available.

FindUs – Spot The Differences

FindUs is a find the differences between 2 pictures from various photos round the world app.

Featuring 15 countries with total 150 levels in paid version, while you can enjoy 75 with ads support on the free edition.

Different random differences each time you play. Have 3 difficulties level : easy (find 3 out of 5), normal (3 out 3) or hard (5 out of 5).

The game support 2 game mode : Classic (play sequentially) and the Challenge (5 Random Levels) which you may like after mastering it.

You may it play it alone or battle with friends in 1 iPad. The battle / versus mode may base on score or most objects found.

With arcade mode, it will be more fun, easy and exciting. … read more

FindUs HD free edition also available.

WordMatchUs – Slice The Letters

Love the slice and chop games ? Love the word games ? Why not the combination of both ? Give you the slice fun, while sharpening your vocabulary. Let’s slice something more useful for fun … read more


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